More on Procrastination

When I got done with the last blog, I decided to use the formula I prescribed and cleaned my desk in just two 15 minute segments!  It felt so good.  I still was surrounded by a pool table of papers, (where some of the papers from my desktop went), a roll top desk I no longer use regularly that has been the collection site for everything I wanted to get “out of sight” in a hurry when cleaning up for visitors. Isn’t that the purpose of a roll top anyway?

In other words, I wasn’t done by a long shot. So in a couple days I decided to attack the pool table and get closer to the goal of a cleaned up basement. Why didpool table b4 I procrastinate another couple days? I learned that one of the reasons I put things off is I don’t want to make all the decisions that come with dealing with papers and “stuff”.  “Do I file or throw away? What if I need this in the future?” etc.  Subconsciously these were stumbling blocks for me. When I finally decided to “go for it”, I set my trusty timer for 15 timer1minutes and voila! That’s all it took to clean up a mess I had been tolerating (and that was bugging me every time I came into the basement) for a month! I couldn’t believe it.pool table


I thought of a couple of questions that helped me with the first two I “feared”. “Is the cost of replacement of this item so high I need to keep it ‘just in case’? Will it be outdated and useless in a year from now anyway?” That really helped me get rid of some things. Next I confronted the roll top – more decisions, easier this time. It took 30 minutes to do it but knowing it’s clean under that top was like getting rid of a “boogy man” in my life! I no longer fear something jumping out to bite me or fall on my foot when I open it!roll top

Is there anything you are putting off?  Break it down to smaller parts. Go at it in 15 minute segments. Celebrate when you make progress and share with the rest of us what you have learned