Losing 10-12# in 21 days

I hope you join in the fun and results!

No magic formula but I’m simply cutting out the high carbs and sugars, drinking lots of water and getting in more steps, but most importantly – accountability! I’m not doing this to sell product, but I do use a lot of the Vollara products I distribute and a few I get elsewhere. They are designed to help with energy, digestion and overall vitality. If you want more details on these, let me know or you can check out my site at bkgreenliving.com to find out more about the specific ones I mention.

Whether you read this on Day 1 or or day 21 – feel free to join the process.

Here are a few suggestions for getting RESULTS.

  1. RESOLVE – you must personally resolve to stick to whatever program you commit to for the next 21 days and expect great results for your efforts.
  2. PRIORITIZE – for me, this means for 21 days, making my eating and exercise a high priority. Right after doing my quiet time and getting plenty of water in to start my day, I have to get a fair amount of steps in so I’m not cramming at the end of the day. This also means being more organized with figuring out a menus, having the right foods on hand, not over scheduling myself so I can’t get in my exercise, etc.
  3. WRITE IT DOWN – write down the specifics of what YOU are committing to do for 21 days. Include your WHY and how it will make you feel once you have accomplished it – share that with us or someone
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY -this is a crucial step for me. Knowing I have to “fess up” to others all I put in my mouth in a day (and actually see it written down myself) is a good motivator.

My Personal Goal – To lose 12# pounds (10# minimum), increase personal self discipline both physically and spiritually and lower cholesterol

  1. Each morning I weigh in and mark it down
  2. Do my best to start my day with at least 15 min. of prayer/meditation/reading
  3. Drink at least 16 – 32oz. of water 1st thing. I use Go Ruby Go (a concentrated fruit powder) for one glass and then use about 1/3 tube of ReVive (Vollara energy/mind/heart formula) for the other.
  4. No breads, no Sugary desserts, NO EXCEPTIONS – that is a mantra I have to really stay focused on and repeat to myself whenever tempted!
  5. On Tues, Thurs. and Sat. get in 10,000+ steps. Mon, Wed. Fri. -5-7,000. Totally rest on Sunday – don’t even keep track. Stay with eating plan though
  6. I use the Jorge Cruz Fast Track eating plan as my basic guide but find I don’t need to eat all the snacks and will add a few more carbs in but avoid the high carb veggies like potatoes and corn and eat very few fruits.
  7. My “treats” are 85% dark chocolate (3 squares with a squirt of whip cream) or an Outshine Fruit bar I buy at Walmart that are 30-45 cal. and approx. 10 carbs.
  8. Report all my “intake” for the day and exercise done on this blog.
  9. Communicate a couple times a week with anyone else joining in the process!

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    1. That would be great. Also want to find a time where we can share on a conference call for 15 – those participating. Are most your evenings free or what time works for you? If you want, you can post your plan like I did. Then we know what to hold you accountable to. So glad you are joining us!

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