Day 3 – No change

Quick Tip for the Day :  Drinking a lot of good water (48 oz.) before noon will help keep you “flushed out” and feeling good! It’s great for de-toxing and filling you up to avoid hunger. When eating a high protein diet with a little less fiber and overall calories, it’s easy to get “stopped up”. This works wonders for me – hope you find it helpful too!

Weighed in at 145.5 today – no change. But fit into some pants I’ve never been able to wear before today – yahoo!

Spiritual: Did 30 minutes of prayer/meditation. Read the Bible later in day.

Exercise: .Spent one hour in pool moving and doing water aerobics, 2 miles on treadmill and 45 minutes playing tennis.

Food & drink:
Started with 16 oz. of alkaline water with Go Ruby Go (heaping scoop in it) and flowed that up with another 16 oz. of water with 1/3 tube of Re Vive (energy/heart/mind formula) and took 3 Re Lease (fat burning/digesting supplement)

B-fast -2 fried eggs with 1 slice of swiss cheese and another glass of water..
Supplements: 1/2 tsp. of Royal Essentials (a type of Royal jelly honey), 2 Essentials for Life, (has 6 different products; vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, fat burning enzymes, antioxidants, probiotic) 1 Re mind (Omega 3), 1 Re Build (bone building formula), 1 Re Sist  (Immune Builder), 2 more Re Lease.

Lunch -Had about 1/4 of big fat left over pork chop with hot mustard. Repeated supplements minus the Re Sist

Snack – one slice swiss cheese

Dinner 8 small meatballs with Prego chunky spaghetti sauce and fresh grated parmesan cheese, 2/3 cup frozen mixed veggies with butter.

Supplements: 2 Essentials for Life, 1 Re Mind, 2 Re Lease, 1 Re Build and another 1/4 tsp. of Royal Essentials honey

Snacks – Outshine single popsicle bar, later 2 squares 86% cacao dark chocolate

Got a lot more exercise than I intended but felt good and got a good sweat in playing tennis in all the humidity.

At first was disappointed my wgt. didn’t go down for the day but when I fit into the pants I could never wear before, I realized I can lose inches without losing pounds and that is still a plus.

For more info on supplements, go to if interested

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