Day 4 – No change

Quick Tip for the Day :  Getting in a good stretch every day by giving your major joints a full range of motion is a great way to keep pain away and keep you active and more likely to keep moving, burn more calories, increase oxygen and all that other good stuff exercise does for you!  I do 6 simple poses for 30 seconds each – total of 3 minutes a day – easy peasy.

Weighed in at 145.5 today – no change.

Spiritual: Did Bible study with a friend and read a couple more chapters later in day. Did not do my 15 min med.  and prayers and missed it.

Exercise: . Didn’t do any intentional exercise today but a lot of running around with errands. Probably around 4-6,000 steps

Food & drink:
Started with 16 oz. of alkaline water with Go Ruby Go (heaping scoop in it) and followed that up with another 16 oz. of water with 1/3 tube of Re Vive (energy/heart/mind formula)

B-fast -A protein share (Re Place) with water , one strawberry and a few fresh blueberries

Supplements:  2 Essentials for Life, (has 6 different products; vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, fat burning enzymes, antioxidants, probiotic) 1 Re mind (Omega 3), 1 Re Build (bone building formula), 1 Re Sist  (Immune Builder),

Lunch -Chicken/spinach/cheese burger

Snack – one slice swiss cheese

Dinner soup and salad bar at Montana Jack’s, fried grouper with tartar sauce, broccoli

Supplements: 2 Essentials for Life, 1 Re Mind, 2 Re Lease, 1 Re Build and another 1/4 tsp. of Royal Essentials honey

Snacks – Outshine single popsicle bar

Feelings – I was disappointed again today about no weight change and then realized how few calories I had yesterday and how much exercise – convinced myself I’m turning fat into muscle! (And we ALL know muscle weighs more than fat, right? 🙂 )  We’ll see, I am noticing a difference in clothes and still have lots of energy and feel great.

I plan to take a hot bath before bed and 3 Re Lease with 4 oz. of Re Plenish (Muscadine Grape Juice)

For more info on supplements, go to if interested

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