Day 6 – up .5#

Quick Tip for the Day :

Weighed in at 146.5 today, up .5 – Down .5 overall

Spiritual: Did prayers and some meditation in the morning

Exercise: .Painted a rental house for 8 hours straight with a 10 minute break!

Food & drink:
Started with 16 oz. of alkaline water  and followed that up with another 16 oz. of water with 1/3 tube of Re Vive (energy/heart/mind formula)

B-fast -Re Place Protein shake

Supplements:  2 Essentials for Life, (has 6 different products; vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, fat burning enzymes, antioxidants, probiotic) 1 Re mind (Omega 3), 1 Re Build (bone building formula), 1 Re Sist  (Immune Builder) 1/4 tsp. of Royal Essentials

Lunch -Re Place Protein shake

Dinner Huge chef salad with chicken breast and olive oil and vinegar dressing

Supplements: 3 Essentials for Life, 1 Re Mind, 2 Re Lease, 1 Re Build and another 1/4 tsp. of Royal Essentials honey

Snacks -1/4 cup of raw almonds

Feelings -Wow! This is rough! I have never eaten this way  with such results.Need to do some real soul searching as to why I’m doing this. After starting the first day by losing 1.5#, I thought I would be down by 4 by today. Not the case! I have to see bigger picture, drop the pride, get more realistic expectations and “reset” my head on my overall goals. So glad I am in this with others or else I’d probably say “forget it” at this point and pig out at the baby shower I’m going to tomorrow whose host is the best “dessert/sweets baker” I know!

For more info on supplements, go to if interested

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