Day 8 – Starting week 2

Weighed in at 145.5 which is 1.5 down for 1st week.

Thoughts – Glad to be “starting over” for week #2 of 21 day blitz. I had such anemotional rollercoaster ride last week, I decided to change some strategy.
This week I am going to take a picture of all I eat prior to eating it and posting it to my “Notes” in my phone. Also, am NOT going to weigh in everyday. I’m just
going to do my best in sticking with my low carb, high protein plan and get in a lot of steps, then weigh and measure myself next Monday at the beginning of week 3. Getting more focused on the overall health and not so obsessed with  my weight number.

Spiritual – started the day with prayer and really asked God for help with all this

Exercise – Walked on treadmill for an hour, Cleaned house and got in over 14,000 steps. Yea!

Drink – 32 oz. of water with the Go Ruby Go and 1/3 tube of Revive in my glasses in the morning Drank 80 oz. total for day.

Food for the day

Bfast – 1/2 c cottage cheese with walnuts and cinnamon

Lunch – Chicken burger with spinach and cheese

Snack – 1 slice baby swiss deli cheese

Dinner – 1 Polish sweet Brat, 1 cup grilled fresh veggies

Snack – 2 squares 86% dark chocolate with whipped cream on top

Supplements – 2 Essentials for Life with each meal. 3 Replace in the morning, 1 rebuild, 1 Re Mind with each meal and 3  1/4 tsp of Royal Essentials. 1 Re Sist    3oz Re Plenish and 1/3 tube of ReVive , 1 heaping scoop of Go Ruby Go


One thought on “Day 8 – Starting week 2”

  1. Kelly, Thanks for calling, texting and keeping me accountable and encouraged. I enjoyed our talk. Great job refocusing and figuring out what worked last week and what needed to change. I started at 157 last Monday and was 153.5 at the end of the week. Today, my hubby and I walked four miles on the bike trail. I struggled a couple days on vacation to get my exercise in, but ate pretty well. I might have to reevaluate and be realistic with my time to exercise. I think I will need to commit to 4 days a week with my crazy schedule. If I get more, that is a bonus. The goal is to fit into the size 8 mother of the bride dress and look great on October 16, 2016!

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