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SET FREE! Breaking the Chains that Bind You is the story of how a young girl from a happy and stable family ended up spending nearly 30 years in a religious cult. It will have you laughing, crying and shaking your head in disbelief. Nestled in the stories also are the principles she discovered that helped her through the trying times but also the skills she learned in business, personal relationship and communication that helped launch her into a very successful business career. Most of all though, she shares what ultimately broke her free from the guilt and shame that had her bound for so much of her life.
Here is what others are saying

“It kept me turning the pages. Kelly is a good writer and very transparent about her life experiences.”  Debbie from FL

“I knew the author before she got in the cult and was curious as to how and why she got involved in something that would pull her away from her close family. I got all my questions answered but found the book helped me to start thinking differently. I had an incident occur that normally would have let me down on myself and upset. Instead, I asked myself what I could learn from the event and what good could possibly come from it. I saw some things I’m sure I never would have considered had I not read this book.”  Sue from CA

“I couldn’t put it down and spent the day reading instead of cleaning. I was surprised at how honest she was about all of her life experiences. I’m glad it ended well.”   Naomi from IL

"SET FREE! Breaking the chains that bind you describes Kelly’s journey through a very dark place and coming out victorious, gives a very detailed and insightful view into the power of cultism, yet also gives a very uplifting perspective of the power of God's love.  It leaves the reader with the very reassuring fact that He is with us through every step of our journey. This book gives the message of hope to anyone who is in, or has been in a bad place, to know that victory is possible through the love of Jesus”.  Dr. Patrick from IA

If you...

  • Feel stuck but aren't sure why
  • Find yourself repeating the same poor behavior again and again
  • Wonder why you get close to achieving your goals but rarely "ring the bell"
  • Constantly attract people to yourself who are critical or abusive

You are not alone!
There is an answer! This book just may help YOU find the PEACE and FREEDOM you are seeking!

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