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Kelly James Davis

About Kelly...

Kelly is an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur and has a passion for ministry, health and business.

Personal Mission Statement – to change the landscape of eternity through words, actions, financial resources and prayer.

Author - Her first book, SET FREE! Breaking the chains that bind you, has taken years to complete and acted as part of the healing process in her journey to recognize and break free from the guilt and shame that had driven her subconsciously so much of her life.  This is a very transparent story of her life, detailing how and why people voluntarily choose to submit themselves to another’s complete control.

Speaker - As a speaker for Stone Croft Ministries and other groups, she shares her story encouraging others to realize that it is never too late. God can take the biggest mess and turn it into a powerful Message that brings others hope and healing. Her enthusiasm for life and the freedom she has discovered through learning to trust and praise God for all things bubbles out in her talks. She openly shares about her many failures on the path to fulfilling God’s call on her life and brings hope to those struggling on their own journey.

Entrepreneur - Kelly inherited the entrepreneur gene from her dad and it has played a prominent role throughout her life starting with her first business at four years old; being the local manufacturer and distributor of potholders in her neighborhood. She has started many businesses from scratch. For the last two decades she has successfully run a home based business that focuses on health and green technologies (air purifiers, water ionizers, detergent free laundry solutions and nutrition).

Kelly is currently married and living in the Midwest with her husband. They have one son and one granddaughter.  Kelly and her husband, Bill, have a passion for teaching and mentoring and are currently involved in leading Financial Peace classes at their local church helping others learn how to become debt free and prioritize their lives.

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